Center Band Rejection Pattern

Entering the Trade –

  1. The price will establish a range by forming two bounce points-
    • The first scenario within the range is as follows: Somewhere within the range the center Bollinger band will act as either support or resistance, depending on which way price is moving. A signal will form rejecting the band thereby, creating a bounce. Price will bounce off the band.
    • The second scenario within the range is as follows: Somewhere in the range the price will move through the center band. A signal will form rejecting the bounce then price will continue on through to the opposing boundary of the range.
  2. The price will break out of a level-
    • the pullback may produce a signal rejecting the center Bollinger band rather than the original breakout level.
    • This can happen on either side of the breakout level. In this case the band is being rejected rather than the level.

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