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Learn to Generate Consistent Profits Fast, Using Our Proven Candlestick Patterns. Members Forum Access.


Our system will teach you the dynamics of exactly how the Forex market moves, both daily and intraday.

Once armed with the knowledge contained in this course you will have a powerful money making system to take with you and utilize throughout your lifetime.


The total return on investment (ROI) across the 21 currency pairs traded in the members area for 2017 is approximately as follows:



Total Gain 2017     +1,581% ROI


Total Gain 2017     +309% ROI


The TradeForex4Profit system was developed with our #1 resource in mind “Time”. You only need about 15 minutes each day to trade the daily charts.

Additionally, if you enjoy trading the 4 hour charts you will only need to dedicate approximately 1 or 2 hours each day to your trading business.

The TradeForex4Profit System Puts You in Complete Control

Members Forum -

Gain access to the members only forum where members collaborate on upcoming trades VIA text and image uploads

Price Action Trading -

No complicated indicators, the TradeForex4Profit system utilizes easy to learn candlestick signals and patterns

Only 7 Patterns -

You will learn the seven patterns that express the day to day movement of the Forex market

Detailed Video Presentations -

Learn the TradeForex4Profit system by watching detailed videos designed to quickly take you step by step through the entire course

Weekly Reviews -

You will see our live trading charts each week during the weekly review videos thereby allowing you to learn from seeing

You’re Going to Love this Exclusive Forex Trading System

Let us show you just how easy it can be to trade the Forex market successfully with our unique easy to learn system. Not only is it easy to learn, it’s also extremely simple to put into action.

Does This System Utilize Unique Time Tested Setups That You Can Learn Fast?

Yes !

Does This System Implement Sound Risk-Reward Management Utilizing Stop Loss Orders?

Yes !

Can This System Be Applied To Multiple Time Frames?

Yes !

Does This System Include Unlimited E-Mail Support?

Yes !

Do We Provide Reliable, Friendly and Supportive Mentor-ship To Guide Your Learning?

Yes !

Will You Learn to Generate Consistent Profits By Trading Simple Patterns and Signals?

Yes !

Are you Ready to Unlock Your Trading Potential?

Watch this video to see the TradeForex4Profit system in action

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1 Month

Unlimited Access to the Premium Members Area and the Members Only Forum
12 Months
Save 75%
$25/mo1 payment of $299

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to the Premium Members Area and the Members Only Forum for 12 Months

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3 Months
$59/mo1 payment of $177

Unlimited Access

to the Premium Members Area and the Members Only Forum for 3 Months

Save 40%

off the Regular Monthly Membership Price When you Prepay for 3 Months at $177 USD

A Few Benefits of Membership With Us

Video Presentation Course – You will learn to trade this system through detailed video presentations that will

take you step by step through the learning process explaining exactly how this proven system works.


Members Forum –  Collaborating with the membership on upcoming trades enables you to learn the patterns and signals fast and in real time as they happen

Weekly Review Videos – Weekly review videos will explain each of our positions on the 4 hour time frame for the preceding week on all 21 pairs we trade. Additionally we discuss upcoming trades

The Seven Sacred Patterns – Learn in great detail the seven patterns that you’ve seen discussed on our YouTube channel.

Proper Chart Setup – Learn how to setup your MetaTrader charts exactly like ours. This allows you to quickly and effectively watch the markets across multiple time frames.

It’s More Than a Fibonacci Tool – Learn precisely how to setup the Fibonacci tool  and transform it into a fantastic measurement tool. With this tool you can easily calculate entries, stop losses and take profit targets

The True Method to Locate Levels – Learn the proper way to quickly and effectively locate key levels in the Forex market

Risk/Reward is 90% of the Law – We will show you not only how to calculate the proper risk vs. reward trades but also how to build a system where each trade will have the same monetary value on your account, regardless of the stop loss size. This is key to a successful trading plan

Setup the Proper Stop Loss – Every position has a stop loss and take profit target. The TradeForex4Profit system trades for 2 to 1 risk vs. reward

Continued Learning – We teach you step by step how to trade our method VIA hours upon hours of video training as well as continued learning each week with the weekly trade videos

2017 Total Profit –  The TradeForex4Profit total ROI for 2017 on the daily time-frame closed out at +309% and the 4 hour time-frame closed out at +1,581.

2018 YTD Profit as of May  –  The TradeForex4Profit total ROI for 2018 on the daily time-frame as of May 1, 2018 +165% and the 4 hour time-frame is +516%.

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Trade Forex 4 Profit offers a completely (100% FREE Section) that you can access immediately with no strings attached. We don’t even want your email, we’re simply paying it forward. In our members section learn the best time tested Forex trading system to make money. Learn through video presentation and enjoy unlimited access to our trading videos that put you on the path to making money in this market. This is simply the best Forex trading system that utilizes strategies which will help you on your journey to financial freedom. Our Forex training course will teach you the best unique trading system that is extremely simple to learn thereby making it easy to make money. This distinctive currency trading system utilizes candlestick formations and patterns to establish precise market entry and exit points. So whether you are currently making money in this market, trading for a living or just trading as a hobby our Forex trading system can help you reach your goals fast. By combining the best time tested Forex patterns and signals with the proper financial risk management, financial success in the Foreign Exchange Currency markets can be obtainable fast. Our online Forex trading course teaches you how to make money trading Forex VIA the best most versatile setups and strategies that can be applied across multiple time frames to include the daily, 4 hour, 1 hour, and 15 minute charts.