July 26th 2016 Stop Hit on the AUDUSD 4 hour

This is a nice example of a two candle stop hit pattern that formed at support marking the end of the recent downtrend (at least for now).  This price moved up through the profit target in just over a 24 hour period, notice the stall when the market hits our target level.

Easy Forex Trading System

Uploaded June 7,2016 See attached Video- In this trade we take advantage of all the momentum that comes from a strong level of support such as the one here being rejected with a bullish engulfing signal. We discuss the importance of positioning your profit target at the most recent break or bounce level. Additionally, we… Read More »

Best Forex Trading System

EURJPY Inside Break Check Pattern – Posted June 4, 2016. This is a great example of the Inside Break Check Pattern. See attached video. When the price breaks out of a level there are several patterns that we watch for such as the inside break check. In the case of the inside break check pattern… Read More »

Forex Trading Strategies | NZDCAD Stop Hit 5-27-2016 | Daily Timeframe

Posted May 27, 2016 – See attached video – When the market returns to a level that showed rejection in the past, it becomes a key level to watch. In this case the bounce level was breached then rejected triggering a rapid move to the downside. Click on the title to see the attached video.

NZDUSD CenterBand Rejection Daily TimeFrame

NZDUSD on the daily, Posted May 18, 2016 –  See the attached video. This is a perfect example of one of the two ways to trade the center band rejection pattern. First the market breaks through the band then pushes back into it attempting a reversal which fails.The trade is in the direction of the… Read More »

Live Forex Trade on the USDCAD 4 Hour Chart

Posted May 14, 2016 This trade followed a stop hit pattern that formed at the most recent bounce point that established a level of resistance. This level was a major bounce that the market pulled away from considerably therefore, we can expect investor interest when the price returns here. The price pushed through the level… Read More »

Break Retest Pattern | Live Forex Trade | CHFJPY 4 hour Timeframe

May 5, 2016 – This trade was taken following the break retest pattern that formed at the former support level now acting as a resistance level. I discuss the importance of a level that has experienced a bounce. A level such as this becomes an area that investors are watching so they may reenter into… Read More »

Center Band Rejection Pattern | Live Forex Trade | AUDUSD | 1 Hour Chart

See attached Video. This video originally posted in 2014. Nice center band rejection signal on the AUDUSD that also provides a perfect example of confluence of patterns. The breakout of resistance is retested and now acting as a support level additionally, the center bollinger band corresponds to exactly to this level making this a perfect… Read More »