How to Make Fast Money Trading Forex April 29, 2017

Uploaded April 29, 2017 – Break check on the USDJPY 4 hour time-frame – see attached video – This video explains how important profit targets are to your trading plan. When you strategically select your profit target before setting up the trade you are able to keep emotion completely out of the equation. The exit… Read More »

Forex Trading Made Easy Jan 6, 2017

Originally uploaded Jan 6,2017 – See the attached video – Stop hit on the USDCHF 4 hour time-frame. This trade was entered utilizing a pending sell order and is a great example of how the opportunity to enter the market typically extends over a great length of time, especially when trading the higher time-frames. In… Read More »

July 26th 2016 Stop Hit on the AUDUSD 4 hour

This is a nice example of a two candle stop hit pattern that formed at support marking the end of the recent downtrend (at least for now).  This price moved up through the profit target in just over a 24 hour period, notice the stall when the market hits our target level.

Easy Forex Trading System

Uploaded June 7,2016 See attached Video- In this trade we take advantage of all the momentum that comes from a strong level of support such as the one here being rejected with a bullish engulfing signal. We discuss the importance of positioning your profit target at the most recent break or bounce level. Additionally, we… Read More »